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CheckCVS.pl  1.4  10 years  parrello  Fixed a problem in the way the results were being parsed.
CleanFileNames.pl  1.1  13 years  parrello  Utility to change invalid file name characters to underscores.
CodeParse.pl  1.2  9 years  parrello  Changed to decouple from the NMPDR wiki.
Maker.pl  1.7  9 years  parrello  Changed to work in non-NMPDR environments.
SaplingDBD.xml  1.31  7 years  parrello  Changes to support complexes.
ServerCheck.pl  1.3  11 years  parrello  More CVS testing on a script nobody uses.
WinBuild.pl  1.27  9 years  parrello  Specified java class files as binary.
logon.bat  1.5  9 years  parrello  Made some fixes to the development utilities.
logonD.bat  1.8  9 years  parrello  New Windows development login procedure.
robots.dev.txt  1.1  10 years  parrello  robots file for next.nmpdr.

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