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create_application_rights_module.pl  1.3  12 years  parrello  Fixed shebang so the makes work on the production machines.
assign_subsystems_from_user_to_group.pl  1.1  11 years  paczian  initial version. grants all rights a user has on subsystems to a group
application_add_login_right_to_all.pl  1.1  10 years  paczian  this will add the login right for an application to all users in the database th...
test.pl  1.1  11 years  paczian  added WebServices authentication
cache_public_metagenome_metadata.pl  1.1  9 years  paczian  initial version caches metadata from public jobs needed for the metagenome selec...
remove_deprecated_sessions.pl  1.1  11 years  paczian  initial version command line script to remove all WebApplication session which a...
user_delete.pl  1.3  11 years  paczian  now using WebApplicationDBHandle
set_user_preference.pl  1.2  11 years  paczian  now using WebApplicationDBHandle
org_count.pl  1.2  11 years  paczian  now using WebApplicationDBHandle
grant_user_genome_rights_to_group.pl  1.7  11 years  paczian  fixed usage
convert_all.pl  1.1  11 years  paczian  initial version converts all kegg map gif images in the current directory to tra...
create_admin.pl  1.6  11 years  paczian  now using WebApplicationDBHandle
user_add.pl  1.5  11 years  paczian  now using WebApplicationDBHandle
user_add_login_right.pl  1.6  11 years  paczian  now using WebApplicationDBHandle
batch_grant_genome_rights_to_group.pl  1.1  11 years  paczian  initial version adds edit, view and annotate rights to a scope for a list of gen...
user_set_password.pl  1.5  11 years  paczian  now using WebApplicationDBHandle
create_subsystem_rights.pl  1.3  11 years  paczian  now using WebAppliactionDBHandle
update_admin_scope.pl  1.5  11 years  paczian  now using WebAppliactionDBHandle
extract_sequences.pl  1.1  10 years  paczian  initial version extracts dna sequence of all features of all genomes

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