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Fri Dec 20 20:20:56 2002 UTC (16 years, 5 months ago) by efrank
Branch: BobJacobsen, MAIN
CVS Tags: Head-20-Dec-2002, HEAD
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Import from SLAC.  Not sure this is going to serve us, but there is a ton
of experience in this package.

.TH srtdiff 1 "Augustr 11, 1999"
.HP 10
srtdiff \- compare packages between two releases.
.B srtdiff [-t tag] -r <rel>.. 
 -p <pkg>..

srtdiff compare packages between two releases. One can also use '-t' to specify
a specific CVS tag.


.B	-r <rel> ...
.RS 8
specify number of releases. If all releases are numerical, the '-r' can
be ignored.

.B	-p <pkg> ..
.RS 8 
specify number of packages. If all packages are prefixed with letter, the '-p'
can be ignored.

.B	-t <tag> 
.RS 8 
specify one CVS tag to be used in comparison.



	srtdiff 8.1.4 8.1.5 Beta

	compare Beta between 8.1.4 and 8.1.5.

	srtdiff -t V00-00-04 8.1.5 Beta cvsutil

	compare Beta and cvsutil between V00-00-04 and 8.1.5.

	$BFDIST/releases/log/LatestPackageVersion.lst or
	The CVS tag list of a release. Remote site can run 'importlog -a'
	to import these files over.  

Terry Hung. terryh@slac.stanford.edu

MCS Webmaster
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