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Fri Dec 20 20:20:56 2002 UTC (16 years, 5 months ago) by efrank
Branch: BobJacobsen, MAIN
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Import from SLAC.  Not sure this is going to serve us, but there is a ton
of experience in this package.

.TH depend-circle 1 "December 7, 1999"
.HP 10
depend-circle \- Check BaBar package for circular dependencies

.HP 10
.B depend-circle
.B [-a|-d #|-h|-t]
.B [ package ... ]

This shell script analyzes the BaBar GMake variable LINKLISTDEPENDS,
checking each requested package for circular dependencies.  If a circular
dependency is found, it will be reported in the form

	Package -> DependA -> DependB -> ... -> Package

Each circle will be reported only one, starting with the package nearest the
top of the dependency tree.

.B package ...
.RS 8
A list of one or more packages to be analyzed.  All packages must be checked
out in the user's test release area.

.B -a
.RS 8
Analyze all packages in the user's test release area.
.RS -8
.B -d <level>
.RS 8
Set debugging level: 0=no debugging, 1=top-level calls, 2=more detailed,
.RS -8
.B -h
.RS 8
Display usage information
.RS -8
.B -t
.RS 8
Show dependency tree information found during analysis.  This information
will be reported as

	Package <xxx> uses DependA DependB DependC ...

Michael Kelsey <kelsey@slac.stanford.edu>

Copyright (C) 1999  Princeton University

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