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Fri Dec 20 20:20:56 2002 UTC (16 years, 5 months ago) by efrank
Branch: BobJacobsen, MAIN
CVS Tags: Head-20-Dec-2002, HEAD
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Import from SLAC.  Not sure this is going to serve us, but there is a ton
of experience in this package.

.TH cvsnotify 1 "Jan 7, 1999"
.HP 10
cvsnotify \- add/remove user to/from CVS notification list.
.HP 10
.B    cvsnotify [-d] <uid> <pkg1 [pkg2 pkg3...pkgn]>


Use cvsnotify to add or remove userid to/from CVS notification list so that when any user
commit changes to this package, userid will get a notification mail. 

.B	-d 
	delete <uid> from notification list.

.B	uid
.HP 16
User's SLAC unix ID. This will be used to find the user's primary mailing address, which will
be inserted into the notification list. Most user can only add/remove his own uid into the
notification list. A specific list of experts can do so for any users. 


	cvsnotify terryh SoftRelTools

	add terryh@slac.stanford.edu to package SoftRelTools's notification list.

	cvsnotify -d terryh SoftRelTools

	remove terryh@slac.stanford.edu from package SoftRelTools's notification list.

.HP 15
$CVSROOT       CVS repository.
.HP 15

.HP 10
 $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/ACL/<pkg>/acl	    The notification list. One per package.


    Charlotte Hee. chee@slac.stanford.edu

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