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Fri Dec 20 20:20:56 2002 UTC (16 years, 5 months ago) by efrank
Branch: BobJacobsen, MAIN
CVS Tags: Head-20-Dec-2002, HEAD
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Import from SLAC.  Not sure this is going to serve us, but there is a ton
of experience in this package.

# List of BaBar's categories for binary file.

   common      # simple binaries of universal applicability 
   bdbcore     # database-related binaries that all sites with Objectivity need
   recouser    # recon binaries relevant to general users (e.g., ElfUserXtcApp)
   recoprod    # recon binaries used in prod (e.g., OPR version of Elf appl.)
   simprod     # simulation production binaries
   onlineuser  # online applications of interest to general online users
   teststand   # online applications needed for running test stands
   ir2         # applications useful only in IR-2 on the real platform

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