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Revision 1.3 - (download) (annotate)
Mon Sep 22 09:33:31 2008 UTC (11 years, 9 months ago) by paczian
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: mgrast_dev_08112011, rast_rel_2009_05_18, mgrast_dev_08022011, rast_rel_2014_0912, mgrast_dev_05262011, rast_rel_2008_12_18, mgrast_dev_04082011, rast_rel_2010_0928, rast_2008_0924, mgrast_version_3_2, mgrast_dev_12152011, mgrast_dev_06072011, rast_rel_2008_09_30, rast_rel_2009_0925, rast_rel_2010_0526, rast_rel_2014_0729, mgrast_dev_02212011, rast_rel_2010_1206, mgrast_release_3_0, mgrast_dev_03252011, rast_rel_2010_0118, mgrast_rel_2008_0924, mgrast_rel_2008_1110_v2, rast_rel_2009_02_05, rast_rel_2011_0119, mgrast_rel_2008_0625, mgrast_release_3_0_4, mgrast_release_3_0_2, mgrast_release_3_0_3, mgrast_release_3_0_1, mgrast_dev_03312011, mgrast_release_3_1_2, mgrast_release_3_1_1, mgrast_release_3_1_0, mgrast_dev_04132011, rast_rel_2008_10_09, mgrast_dev_04012011, rast_release_2008_09_29, mgrast_rel_2008_0923, rast_rel_2009_07_09, rast_rel_2010_0827, mgrast_rel_2008_1110, myrast_33, rast_rel_2011_0928, rast_rel_2008_09_29, rast_rel_2008_10_29, mgrast_dev_04052011, mgrast_dev_02222011, rast_rel_2009_03_26, mgrast_dev_10262011, rast_rel_2008_11_24, HEAD
Changes since 1.2: +21 -7 lines
fixed a bug in the uploading process
now also takes cgi params in addition to file input

# Copyright (c) 2003-2006 University of Chicago and Fellowship
# for Interpretations of Genomes. All Rights Reserved.
# This file is part of the SEED Toolkit.
# The SEED Toolkit is free software. You can redistribute
# it and/or modify it under the terms of the SEED Toolkit
# Public License.
# You should have received a copy of the SEED Toolkit Public License
# along with this program; if not write to the University of Chicago
# at info@ci.uchicago.edu or the Fellowship for Interpretation of
# Genomes at veronika@thefig.info or download a copy from
# http://www.theseed.org/LICENSE.TXT.

use strict;
use warnings;
use CGI;
use WebComponent::Table;

# get a cgi object
my $cgi = new CGI;

# print the header
print $cgi->header();

# check if we have all of our variables
if (($cgi->param('upload_list') || ($cgi->param('upload_string_list'))) && $cgi->param('upload_table_id')) {
    my $tid = $cgi->param('upload_table_id');

    # parse the uploaded data
    my @lines = ();
    if ($cgi->param('upload_string_list')) {
	my $string_content = $cgi->param('upload_string_list');
	my @slines = split(/~/, $string_content);
	foreach my $line (@slines) {
	    push(@lines, join("\t", split(/\*/, $line)));
    } else {
	my $file_content = "";
	my $file = $cgi->param('upload_list');
	while (<$file>) {
	    $file_content .= $_;
	@lines = split /[\r\n]+/, $file_content;

    my $data;
    my $rowcount = 0;
    my $showfirst = '';
    foreach my $line (@lines) {
	my @row = split /\t/, $line;
	if ($cgi->param('location_list')) {
	    unless ($showfirst) {
		$showfirst = qq~window.parent.focus_upload_feature(\"~.$tid.qq~\", \"~.$cgi->param('data_table_id').qq~\", \"~.$rowcount.qq~\");~;
	    push(@row, qq~<input type="button" onclick="focus_upload_feature('~.$tid.qq~', '~.$cgi->param('data_table_id').qq~', '~.$rowcount.qq~');" value="show">~);
	push(@$data, \@row);
    # format the data to table format
    my ($data_source, $onclicks, $highlights) = WebComponent::Table::format_data($data);

    # write the data to the page
    print "<input type='hidden' id='data' value='" . $data_source . "'>";
    print "<input type='hidden' id='onclicks' value='" . $onclicks . "'>";
    print "<input type='hidden' id='highlights' value='" . $highlights . "'>";
    print "<input type='hidden' id='table_id' value='".$tid."'>";
    print "<img src='$FIG_Config::cgi_url/Html/clear.gif' onload='window.parent.document.getElementById(\"table_onclicks_".$tid."\").value=document.getElementById(\"onclicks\").value;window.parent.document.getElementById(\"table_highlights_".$tid."\").value=document.getElementById(\"highlights\").value;window.parent.document.getElementById(\"table_data_".$tid."\").value=document.getElementById(\"data\").value;window.parent.initialize_table(\"".$tid."\");$showfirst'>";

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