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MetagenomeComparison.pm  1.35  11 years  arodri7  fixed some i.e. compatability issues
DisplayNMPDRStatistics.pm  1.4  11 years  bartels  added subsystems to the pubmed table
QueueManager.pm  1.2  9 years  chenry  Bug fixes in queue manager.
ModelControls.pm  1.1  9 years  chenry  Improvements to ModelView website, and addition of ModelControls.
ModelEdit.pm  1.1  9 years  chenry  This page enables users to upload an altered model file and automatically rerun ...
ModelSelect.pm  1.2  11 years  chenry  *** empty log message ***
ReactionViewer.pm  1.12  9 years  chenry  Bug fixes in reaction viewer
GeneViewer.pm  1.2  10 years  chenry  Making changes to accomodate alterations to the GeneTable web component.
Experiment.pm  1.5  10 years  chenry  Correcting link in experiment page.
ModelViewer.pm  1.2  11 years  chenry  *** empty log message ***
CompoundViewer.pm  1.9  9 years  chenry  Large update rearranging code to utilize PPO database
MVLoader.pm  1.1  9 years  chenry  Large update rearranging code to utilize PPO database
ModelKegg.pm  1.1  11 years  chenry  *** empty log message ***
MediaViewer.pm  1.4  9 years  chenry  Large update rearranging code to utilize PPO database
ModelView.pm  1.36  9 years  chenry  Improvements to ModelView website, and addition of ModelControls.
Scenarios.pm  1.37  9 years  dejongh  change scenario handling to use path_info.txt
FoldChangeAnalysisDunman.pm  1.2  9 years  dejongh  version for Paul
AnnotationComparison.pm  1.4  11 years  dejongh  Handle differences between RAST and SEED better
IntervalViewer.pm  1.3  10 years  devoid  Changes to Interval Viewer, Strain Viewer.
ModelImport.pm  1.1  9 years  devoid  Intial import of the model import pipeline.
StrainViewer.pm  1.6  10 years  devoid  Changes to Interval Viewer, Strain Viewer.
NewFeature.pm  1.3  9 years  disz  Changed permission checking
SubsystemSelect.pm  1.12  9 years  disz  Changed permission checking
LoadDlits.pm  1.2  9 years  disz  added instructions
SubError.pm  1.4  12 years  disz  Added link to all subsystems
FeatureList.pm  1.2  11 years  dsouza  Changed to handle mgrast sequence locations instead of feature ids
MetagenomeRecruitmentPlot.pm  1.13  11 years  jared  updated text
MetagenomeSelect.pm  1.24  11 years  jared  made metagenome selection box wider
MetagenomeProfile.pm  1.33  11 years  jared  fixed bug
MetagenomeToolDescription.pm  1.5  11 years  jared  updated text
TargetSearchBatch.pm  1.1  11 years  mkubal  for Bruce
TargetSearchDirections.pm  1.1  11 years  mkubal  For Bruce and Tobi
CoregulatedFeatures.pm  1.2  9 years  olson  add current function to coregulated page hdr
FigFamViewer.pm  1.20  10 years  olson  changes to support the update FF/FFs figfam interface.
MetagenomeSubset.pm  1.18  10 years  olson  Performance optimizations; flip to 'die cgi_exit' instead of 'exit'.
AtomicRegulon.pm  1.4  9 years  olson  add nice headers to the atomic regulon page
Subsystems.pm  1.79  9 years  olson  add use seedviewer
SearchGene.pm  1.9  9 years  olson  More annotator-test fixes.
Minimal.pm  1.1  9 years  olson  Add minimal startpage.
Export.pm  1.25  9 years  olson  Fix download links. (WHy did they use the genome id without suffix?)
Annotation.pm  1.104  9 years  olson  fixes for open-gates annotation.
DifferentialExpression.pm  1.12  9 years  olson  remove more login requirement stuff
ProposeNewPeg.pm  1.5  9 years  olson  More annotator-test fixes.
ClosestNeighbors.pm  1.2  9 years  olson  Fix closest neighbors stuff
BlastRun.pm  1.15  9 years  olson  add support for blasting against multiple genomes
RunTool.pm  1.13  10 years  olson  Performance optimizations; flip to 'die cgi_exit' instead of 'exit'.
MetagenomeOverview.pm  1.23  10 years  olson  Performance optimizations; flip to 'die cgi_exit' instead of 'exit'.
SearchGeneByFeature.pm  1.6  9 years  olson  More annotator-test fixes.
Find.pm  1.5  9 years  olson  if the user entered a fid, ensure it shows up in the search results (RAST suppor...
IncompleteSubsystems.pm  1.1  11 years  paczian  initial version
HomologClusters.pm  1.2  11 years  paczian  some layout changes
AnnotationHistory.pm  1.4  11 years  paczian  changed default sorting to by date, oldest first
MultiGenomeCompareCache.pm  1.7  10 years  paczian  refreshing view after delete
HowToAnnotate.pm  1.4  11 years  paczian  only ready genomes will now be displayed
DisplayRoleLiterature.pm  1.3  11 years  paczian  fixed bug when in no db mode
ComparisonResult.pm  1.2  12 years  paczian  added bot compliance
MultiGenomeCompare.pm  1.24  11 years  paczian  fixed reference organism bug
Test.pm  1.1  11 years  paczian  this is for testing purposes only
ToolResult.pm  1.9  12 years  paczian  added bot compliance
BlastDotPlot.pm  1.5  11 years  paczian  fixed xy switch
SearchResult.pm  1.20  11 years  paczian  fixed spelling of occurrence
Regulon.pm  1.2  10 years  paczian  removed control for compared region renamed type of binding site to bs to match ...
Disambiguation.pm  1.1  11 years  paczian  initial version shows links to essentially identical genes if linkin only gets r...
BrowseGenome.pm  1.35  11 years  paczian  added preference to show the alias column in the feature table
MetagenomeFeatures.pm  1.2  12 years  paczian  public metagenomes will no longer require rights
Teach.pm  1.9  12 years  paczian  added bot compliance
CompareMetabolicReconstruction.pm  1.36  11 years  paczian  find button now also works if the function contains '
AlignSeqs.pm  1.4  10 years  paczian  removed use of UnvSubsys and FigFams (they were both not used in the page anyway...
Kegg.pm  1.39  9 years  paczian  exchanged DisplayListSelect with ListSelect
OrganismSelect.pm  1.14  10 years  paczian  not fetching FIGVs if there are more than 50 to be fetched
Organism.pm  1.63  9 years  parrello  Added missing SeedViewer use.
MetagenomeBlastRun.pm  1.3  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
FunctionalCoupling.pm  1.4  11 years  parrello  Fixed so page will display properly even if a user is not logged in.
GoogleResult.pm  1.5  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
LinkError.pm  1.5  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
ACHresults.pm  1.5  9 years  parrello  Changed to new annotation security model.
EditPubMedIds.pm  1.5  9 years  parrello  Changed to new annotation security model.
EditPubMedIdsDSLits.pm  1.10  9 years  parrello  Changed to new annotation security model.
ClassAnnotationResolve.pm  1.7  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
FunctionalRole.pm  1.12  11 years  parrello  Fixed a bad subsystem call.
NmpdrGeneTable.pm  1.1  11 years  parrello  Added to support table view of search results.
ChromosomalClusters.pm  1.44  9 years  parrello  Changed to new annotation security model.
AttributeKeyEditor.pm  1.3  11 years  parrello  Fixed some URLs.
Sequence.pm  1.8  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
Regions.pm  1.2  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
MetagenomeSequence.pm  1.10  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
TargetSearchTest.pm  1.4  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
Evidence.pm  1.74  9 years  parrello  Changed to new annotation security model.
Analysis.pm  1.4  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
ManageClass.pm  1.15  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
ContigView.pm  1.12  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
TargetSearch.pm  1.8  11 years  parrello  Deprecated.
ShowACLHComp.pm  1.5  11 years  parrello  Fixed a bad link.
ManageProblemSets.pm  1.6  11 years  parrello  Fixed URLs.
Test_method.pm  1.10  12 years  parrello  Converted for NMPDR compatability.
Home.pm  1.23  9 years  parrello  Changed to new annotation security model.
ErdbConsolePage.pm  1.14  9 years  parrello  Removed dead timer code.
AttributeGroupEditor.pm  1.2  11 years  parrello  Fixed an error in the method by which attribute editor pages are invoked.
IDMapping.pm  1.1  11 years  wilke  *** empty log message ***

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