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linkin.cgi  1.17  8 years  olson  exit => die cgi_exit
seedviewer.cgi  1.36  8 years  olson  Minor fixes
Makefile  1.12  9 years  chenry  Large update rearranging code to utilize PPO database
ModelSEED.tmpl  1.2  9 years  chenry  Removing the find box from menu bar since it have no use in model seed
kegg_map_image.cgi  1.9  9 years  paczian  changed path
BrowseGenome.js  1.3  9 years  paczian  fixed show button navigation after sort was done
GenomeDrawer.cgi  1.1  9 years  paczian  inital version of an independant, file driven genome drawer
SubsystemsExtended.js  1.3  10 years  dejongh  ajax fixes
SeedViewer.pm  1.34  10 years  paczian  added function for annotators to directly add pubmed link to a feature
checkboxes.js  1.21  10 years  arodri7  took out copied functions in DisplaySelectList.js
dhtmlgoodies.css  1.3  11 years  bartels  *** empty log message ***
target_search.cgi  1.1  11 years  mkubal  using sprout
check_compute_status.cgi  1.3  11 years  paczian  using refresh instead of redirect reload now empties cache
metagenomics.cgi  1.8  11 years  jared  fixed images and removed old commented out code
upload.cgi  1.3  11 years  paczian  fixed a bug in the uploading process now also takes cgi params in addition to fi...
SeedViewer-MG.tmpl  1.5  11 years  jared  fixed quoting in Navigate menu
commonviewer.css  1.8  11 years  parrello  Added some styles to fix the widths of certain tables.
MetagenomeAnalysis.pm  1.22  11 years  arodri7  changed code for the metagenome subset page for the graphic alignment
SeedViewer.tmpl  1.4  11 years  paczian  updated menu
MyAppRights.pm  1.1  11 years  paczian  initial version
checkboxes_old.js  1.1  11 years  mkubal  working version of MoveOptionsRight
nmpdrviewer.css  1.11  11 years  parrello  Added a background color for the multibar.
NmpdrViewer.tmpl  1.6  11 years  parrello  Updated to more closely match the layout of the wiki.
seedviewer.css  1.14  11 years  paarmann  added subscript class

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