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start instructions

Quick Users Guide


The ReleaseTools package provides tools for creating releases, importing
releases from other machines, and for making sandboxes for development
in.  These concepts are expanded below, then the tools are listed and

ReleaseTools supports a development process in which development is
done relative to a "release."  A release is simply a set of packages
that have been tested to work together. When you define a release, you
provide a list of package names and the CVS tag name for each that is
to be used. The release-creating tool, newrel, will check those packages
out for you into the release-install area and tune the directory

The work cycle looks like:
   o make a work directory.  put packages in there from CVS.
   o develop.
   o note, you may have more than one work directory, there are likely
     many developers, and they can be on multiple machines.
   o at some point, the group decides they want to sync and test as
     a system and "publish" a new release.  then
       - the group produces a set of packages and tag names for the release
       - someone does a newrel to define teh new release and to get
         it installed onto the release area of some machine.
       - people do importrel to import the release onto their machines.
         (importrel isn't client-server.  any two peers can do it.)


   RTROOT	Points to base of installation
   RTARCH       Architecture name, e.g., "mac" or "linux-posgres"
   RTCURRENT    Name of release you want to work on when you login. (can
                change later. 

Release Area:
   Where releases are installed.  It is  $RTROOT/dist/releases

Release Name:
   A name like 1.2.3
   You can have as many releases as you want installed into 

Work directory:
   A sandbox where you do development.  You create it with the command
   mkworkdir.  A sandbox knows a base release that you are developing


1. Getting user readyd for the first time.
   Set a few environment variables at login time.

	RTROOT=/home/fig/FIGdisk; export RTROOT
	RTARCH=linux-postgres; export RTARCH


    That should be it, but at the moment we have some other stuff.  There
    might be a source of a config from the release soon.

2. If you have a release already on your machine and want to develop against

   cd someplace where you want to work.  suppose the base release is 1.2.3.
   Give the commands,
	cd someplace
	mkworkdir -r 1.2.3 myNewSandboxName
	cd myNewSandboxName

3. How to put packages in there without haviong to know all the tags.
	cd mySandbox
	getPackage  <thePackageName>

   If you want to know all the packages in the release
	getPackage -l

   If you want them ALL checked out from cvs
	getPackage -a

4. How to import a new release
   Make sure you can write to $RTOOT/dist/releases.  Suppose the release
   you want to import is called 5.6.7 on host  thatPlace.gov

   importrel -r 5.6.7 -h thatPlace.gov

   Now you could do mkworkdir -r 5.6.7 myNewworkdir

5. How to make a new release

   Make sure you can write to $RTOOT/dist/releases. Create a file of
   the form below that lists all the packages and their tags that you
   want to have in the release:

ReleaseTools V00-00-05
FigCommon V00-00-01
FigKernelPackages V00-00-02
FigKernelScripts V00-00-01
FigPeer2PeerTools V00-00-00
FigWebPages V00-00-00
FigWebServices V00-00-02

    Suppose this file is called newReleaseDef.  Suppose you want to creatae
    a release called 6.7.8.  Give the command
    newrel  6.7.8 -f newReleaseDef

    You can now run importrel on other peers to get release 6.7.8

    NOTE:  newrel does not BUILD the release (compile it).  You have to 
    do a make.


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