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Mon Sep 22 20:12:04 2003 UTC (16 years, 2 months ago) by efrank
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.4: +11 -1 lines
	give it a RecoId and it dumps SBML

	put in int() for stoich conversions.  may not be right.

  	support writing SBML.
	put in int() for stoich conversions.  may not be right

// Reconstruction Readout Interface via SBW.
// Description:
//    Connects to SBW server to obtain RecoElem hierarchy & reactions.
// Author List:
//    Ed Frank, efrank@mcs.anl.gov
// History:
//    07 Juoy 03  efrank, hwang        First Version

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <string>

#include "SBW.h"      //should be replaceable with fwd declare but dosn't work?
#include "sbml/SBMLReader.h"
#include "sbml/SBMLTypes.h"

using namespace SystemsBiologyWorkbench;

class RecoElem;
class Reaction;

class SbwFactory {
  SbwFactory( );
  virtual ~SbwFactory() {}

  // This actually reads the whole tree starting at the specified location.

  RecoElem*        getRecoElemById( unsigned int procId);
  RecoElem*        getRecoElemFromSbmlFile( const char* filename );
  RecoElem*        getRecoElemFromSbmlFile( const std::string& filename );

  void             writeSbmlFile( RecoElem& re, const char* filename);
  void             buildSbmlModelFromRecoElem( Model_t* d, RecoElem& re);

  RecoElem*        sbwToRecoElem( DataBlockReader& r );
  void             unpackRx( DataBlockReader& rIn, vector<Reaction>& rxns );

  RecoElem*        SBMLtoRecoElem(Model_t* m); 
  void             inreaction(Model_t* theModel, Reaction_t* r, vector<Reaction>& rxns);
  void             getReactionModifier(Reaction_t* r,
				       vector<string>& enzymeList );
  void             buildSpeciesMap( map<string, Species_t*>& specesMap,
				    set<string>& names );
  void             addInOuts( const vector<string>&    names,
			      const vector<int>&       stoich,
			      Model_t*                 model,
			      map<string, Species_t*>& speciesMap,
			      SpeciesReference_t* (*createFn)(Model_t*) );
  void             addModifiers( const vector<string>&    names,
				 Model_t*                 model,
				 map<string, Species_t*>& speciesMap);

#endif /*  _BSSFACTORY_H */

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