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Thu Mar 10 23:06:43 2005 UTC (14 years, 9 months ago) by efrank
Branch: MAIN, Numeric-23-7
CVS Tags: lwc, init, HEAD
Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines
Numeric 23.7 for env migration

Version 23.7  January 2005
[1075953]     added franf to fix problems on AMD64.
[1027480]     this should have been fixed before. 
[scipy]       fixed reshape to convert dimensions to PyArray_LONG to avoid typecasting problem.
[eric jones]  added empty to generate unitialized array
[user ]       added support for vecLib on MacOS X in setup.py
[unreported]  added UfuncType to Numeric to Parallel ArrayType 

Version 23.6 
[unreported]  fixed argmin to work with Unsigned Array Types
[unreported]  fixed UINT_to_XXX methods so input is assumed unsigned int
[unreported]  fixed UINT conversion rules and inappropriate casting to unsigned integers
                 from signed integers
[build ]      fixed tarball so same tarball for multiple versions.

Version 23.5 Sept 2004
[unreported]  changed arrayfnsmodule to look for PyArray_LONG on input not PyArray_INT
[perez     ]  fixed so that matrixmultiply is always dot (even if BLAS optimized)

Version 23.4 Sept 2004
[unreported]  fixed setup.py file so ATLAS not default
[unreported]  altered coercion so that LONG is not cast to INT safely

Version 23.3 June 2004
[unreported]  misspelled UFunc_Type in ufunc API
[ 843510 ]    ubyte abs giving incorrect results
[ 919540 ]    added weakreferences to Numeric Object
[unreported]  fixed segfault due to unchecked NULL in get_type
[unreported]  added faster array(a) when a is already an array
[unreported]  a can now be interpreted as a scalar as long as it only 
               has one element (instead of just zero-dimensions).
              changed compress keyword from dimension to axis to match
              everyother function in the library.

Version 23.1 August 2003
[unreported]  fixed assignment to matrix.
[unreported]  added check so that non-character array cannot be interpreted 
                as a character buffer.
[unreported]  array([m,m,m])  when m is a rank-0 array now works as expected.
[ 782001 ] Add true and floor divide to MA
[ 781215 ] true_divide bug
[ 776991 ] multiplying small UINT values gives random results
[ 776467 ] remove string exceptions

Version 23 March 2003

Important notice:

   Two packages have been removed from optional ones: PropertiedClasses, kinds.
MA has been rewritten to use standard property and will not work for 
ancient Pythons. (Pre 2.1, I think). Use the MA / Propertied Classes 
from Numeric 22 if you can't use this one.

    The kinds package (subject of PEP-0242) will be released as a separate 
package shortly. PEP-0242 was withdrawn because this facility did not seem
to be worth putting in the standard library, but kinds is correct as is.

[ 695200 ] Richard Everson (R.M.Everson@exeter.ac.uk) has donated a dotblas 
          Package that gets Numeric to use optimized BLAS libraries for dot
	  innerproduct, and vdot --- a conjugate vector dot product he introduced.
	  setup.py must be altered by the user in a manner similar to the alterations
	  to use optimized BLAS for LinearAlgebra

[675777]  new-style classes as objects in a sequence were not being detected
          correctly by array_objecttype.  Corrected array_objecttype to handle
	  them.  (Oliphant)

[contribution] Fernando Perez has donated a revised version of the tutorial
    file view.py that seems to be less likely to hang the interpreter.

[68392923]  dimensions+scalar -> crash (jneb)
    Found divergent value of MAX_DIMS in ufuncobject.c; 
    The value was 20 there and 40 in two other places. But 40 is ludicrous,
    we would never have that much memory available. Changed
    them all to 30.

[ unreported ] Changed PY_VERSION_HEX check for version 2.2 
                  to 0x0202000 as it should have been
	       so that true_division numeric ops can be supported

[ 614808 ] Inconsistent use of tabs and spaces
           Fixed as suggested by Jimmy Retzlaff

[ 621032 ] needless work in multiarraymodule.c 
           Fixes suggested by Greg Smith applied.
           Also recoded OBJECT_DotProduct to eliminate a warning error.

[ 630584 ] generalized_inverse of complex array 
           Fix suggested by Greg Smith applied.

[ 652061 ] PyArray_As2D doesn't check pointer.
           Fix suggested by Andrea Riciputi applied.

[ 655512 ] inverse_real_fft incorrect many sizes
           Fix given by mbriest applied.

[unreported]  a.real increased reference count of a and raised error when
               a is not complex.
               Fixed to apparent intended behavior of returning an array
	       with the same data. (Oliphant)

Patch for 64-bit machines applied. Appears to work ok on 32 bit but don't
have the machine to test the patch.(Dubois)

[ 627771 ] matrixmultiply broken for non-contig (fixed, test case added)
           (Greg Smith)

[unreported] Fixed ArrayPrinter when NaN's show up in Float32

[ 545336 ] Bug in RandomArray.randint
Changed the function ranf to type double (Chuck Harris)
Harris is probably right that all floats should be double in this module
but it may be this has performance or storage consequences that would 
bite somebody.  I support RNG, not this one. -- Dubois

Version 22.0 August , 2002
    a. Changed multiarraymodule functions to accept keywords where documentation implies
         it through the use of optional variables.
         Specifically in multiarray: zeros, take, transpose, repeat, 
                                    set_string_function, cross_correlate.
                      in ufuncobject: reduce and accumulate now take keyword arguments
                                      for the optional axis argument. 
    b. Added support for unsigned shorts 'w' and unsigned ints 'u' 
         -- Travis Oliphant with help from Darren Hart and F. Oliver Gathmann.
    Increased max permissible iterations in SVD for supplied lapack. -- Dubois
    Recoded RandomArray.randint to try to see if we can work around bug 
         on some platforms. -- Dubois

Version 21.3 June 8, 2002
Fixed bugs:
    [ #557927 ] fixed matrix slice assignment
    [ #552922 ] added check for correct datatype in .astype() method.
                  Created new API PyArray_ValidType to handle this check
                  here as well as in multiarraymodule.c  
    [ #551808 ] fixed segfault with unicode array (Travis O.)
    [ #559511 ] MLab.std now works for axis != 0 (Travis O.)
    [ #542979 ] sum returns exception tuple

    [ #528328 ] true division operators used to return single precision on division of
                   integers and longs --- now defaults to double precision (but only on int and 
                       long division --- still single-precision for ubyte, short, and byte division.
    [ none   ] arange(start, end, step) slightly different near end points than 
                   start + arange(0, N)*step where N is the length.
    [ none   ] a = zeros(2,'D');  a[0] = array(0.0+0.6j) would not work. (Assigning a 
                   rank-0 array did not work for CFLOAT_setitem or CDOUBLE_setitem.
        [ 530688 ] Python crash when transposing array (Walter Moreira)

Version 21.0 March 13, 2002
Fixed bugs:
    [ #482603 ] Memory leak in MA/Numeric/Python
                Reported by Reggie Dugard. Turned out to be 
                *two* memory leaks in one case in a routine in Numeric, 
                array_objectype. (Dubois)
    [ none    ] if vals was a null-array array([]) putmask and put would
                   crash.  Fixed with check.
    [ #469951 ] n = n1[0] gives array which shares dimension of n1 array. 
                  This causes bugs if shape of n1 is changed (n didn't used
                  to have it's own dimensions array  (Travis Oliphant)
    [ #514588 ] MLab.cov(x,x) != MLab.cov(x) (Travis Oliphant)
    [ #518702 ] segfault when invalid typecode for asarray (Travis Oliphant)
    [ #497530 ] MA __getitem__ prevents 0 len arrays (Reggie Duggard)
    [ #508363 ] outerproduct of noncontiguous arrays (Martin Wiechert)
    [ #513010 ] memory leak in comparisons (Byran Nollett)
    [ #512223 ] Character typecode not defined (Jochen Kupper)
    [ #500784 ] MLab.py diff error (anonymous, fixed by Dubois)
    [ #503741 ] accuracy of MLab.std(x) (Katsunori Waragai)
    [ #507568 ] overlapping copy a[2:5] = a[3:6]
                Change uses of memcpy to memmove which allows overlaps.
    [ numpy-Patches-499722 ] size of buffer created from array is bad (Michel Sanner).
    [ #502186 ] a BUG in RandomArray.normal (introduced by last bug fix in 20.3)      
               (Katsunori Waragai).
Fixed errors for Mac (Jack Jensen).

Make rpm's properly, better Windows installers. (Gerard Vermeulen)
    Added files setup.cfg; setup calculates rpm_install.sh to use current Python.
    New setup.py, eliminate setup_all.py. Use os.path.join everywhere. Revision in b6
    added file README.RPM, further improvements.

Implement true division operations for Python 2.2. (Bruce Sherwood)
    Note: true division of all integer types results in an array of floats, 
    not doubles. This decision is arbitrary and there are arguments either way,
    so users of this new feature should be aware that the decision may 
    change in the future. 

New functions in Numeric; they work on any sequence a that can be converted to a
Numeric array. Similar change to average in MA. (Dubois)

    def rank (a):
        "Get the rank of a (the number of dimensions, not a matrix rank)"

    def shape (a):
        "Get the shape of a"

    def size (a, axis=None):
        "Get the number of elements in a, or along a certain axis."
    def average (a, axis=0, weights=None, returned = 0):
        """average(a, axis=0, weights=None)
           Computes average along indicated axis. 
           If axis is None, average over the entire array.
           Inputs can be integer or floating types; result is type Float.
           If weights are given, result is:
           weights must have a's shape or be the 1-d with length the size
           of a in the given axis. Integer weights are converted to Float.

           Not supplying weights is equivalent to supply weights that are
           all 1.
           If returned, return a tuple: the result and the sum of the weights 
           or count of values. The shape of these two results will be the same.
           raises ZeroDivisionError if appropriate when result is scalar.
           (The version in MA does not -- it returns masked values).

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