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Thu Mar 10 23:06:43 2005 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by efrank
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Numeric 23.7 for env migration

Numerical Python's RPM-making alterations to Distutils were provided by 
Gerard Vermeulen [gvermeul@polycnrs-gre.fr]. He wrote these comments.
WARNING: for amateur binary RPM providers.

All RPM (Redhat Package Management) based distributions have subtle but
incompatible differences: even subsequent releases of the same distribution
have incompatibilities.
Therefore, think twice before providing binary RPMs (the SRPM, made with
distutils is OK), and never publish a binary RPM without extensive testing.

If you want to provide binary RPMs, I suggest that you code the Linux
distribution+version and python+version in the release number of the RPM.

For instance, for my Mandrake-8.1 with default /usr/bin/python2.1, I do:

	python setup.py bdist_rpm --release="mdk81py21"

and for my Mandrake-8.1 with alternate /usr/bin/python2.2, I do:

	python2.2 setup.py bdist_rpm --release="mdk81py22"

The RPMs are made in the subdirectory 'dist'.

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