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Thu Apr 30 16:38:02 2009 UTC (10 years, 7 months ago) by jared
Branch: MAIN
Branch point for: jared
Initial revision

use FIG;
use FIG_Config;
use GenomeMeta;
use Data::Dumper;
use SGE;

use MGRASTBackend::MGRASTPipeline qw( check_free_space get_jobs get_pipeline_for_job process_upload mark_job_done );

use strict;

my $job_spool_dir = $FIG_Config::mgrast_jobs;

# Verify we have at least 10G of space left.

# Get job list
my $jobs = &get_jobs($job_spool_dir);

# Setup SGE
my $sge = new SGE;

# Get pipeline stages and check job
for my $job (@$jobs){
  Trace("Getting pipeline for $job at $job_dir\n") if T(1);
  my $stages = &get_pipeline_for_job("$job_spool_dir/$job");
  if(defined $stages){
    Trace("Stages found for job $job\n") if T(2);
    check_job($job, "$job_spool_dir/$job", $stages, $sge);
  } else {
    Confess("Stages not found for job $job.");

sub check_job{
  my($job_id, $job_dir, $stages, $sge) = @_;
  Trace("Checking $job_id at $job_dir\n") if T(1);
  if (! -f "$job_dir/ACTIVE"){
    Trace("Skipping job $job_id as not active\n") if T(2);

  if (! -f "$job_dir/MGRAST2"){
    Trace("Skipping job $job_id: it is not a mgrast2 job\n") if T(2);
  if (-f "$job_dir/DONE"){
    Trace("Skipping job $job_id as done\n") if T(2);

  my $meta = new GenomeMeta("metajob_$job_id", "$job_dir/meta.xml");
  if (!$meta){
    Confess("Could not create meta for $job_dir/meta.xml");

  for my $stage (@$stages){
    my($name, $processor) = @$stage;
    my $status = $meta->get_metadata("status.$name");
    next if $status eq "complete";
    return if $status eq "error" or $status eq 'in_progress' or $status eq 'running';
    # Stage is not complete and not in error. Process it.
    # Note that if the stage is marked as queued, we will
    # invoke the processor. This as designed, so that an
    # SGE-aware processor can ensure the task is still queued
    # and hasn't failed in a way that it did not get marked
    # as running.
    eval {
      if (ref($processor) eq 'CODE'){
	#&$processor($name, $job_id, $job_dir, $meta, $sge);
	print "&$processor($name, $job_id, $job_dir, $meta, $sge)";
      elsif (ref($processor)){
	print Dumper($processor);
	print "$processor->process($name, $job_id, $job_dir, $meta, $sge)";
	warn "Unknown processor " . Dumper($processor);

    if ($@){
      print "Error processing job $job_id\n$@\n";
  # This job is done.
  &mark_job_done( $job_id, $job_dir, $meta);


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