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Analysis.css  1.3  9 years  paczian  adjusted tool box height
Analysis.js  1.21  8 years  paczian  workbench now has multiple buffers
CreateJob.js  1.1  9 years  paczian  initial version
JobDBHandle.pm  1.1  10 years  paczian  new style
JobMetaDBHandle.pm  1.1  10 years  paczian  new style
Kegg.js  1.6  8 years  paczian  updated interface added submaps
MGRAST-frontpage.tmpl  1.8  8 years  paczian  changed support link to howto subdir
MGRAST.pm  1.11  9 years  paczian  added Kegg to menu
MGRAST.tmpl  1.15  8 years  paczian  changed support link to howto subdir
MGRASTMetadata.v2.xml  1.4  9 years  jared  *** empty log message ***
MGRASTMetadata.xml  1.5  9 years  tharriso  new schema: 1. remove Search 2. JobMD.tag not unique
Makefile  1.11  8 years  paczian  added favicon support
Metadata.pm  1.37  8 years  wilke  *** empty log message ***
MetagenomeAnalysis.pm  1.8  9 years  paczian  new version
MetagenomeAnalysis2.pm  1.58  8 years  tharriso  added functions to get length and gc histogram data from job dirs
MetagenomeCollections.js  1.5  9 years  paczian  collection name field now gets the focus after save check found it empty
MetagenomeOverview.js  1.3  8 years  tharriso  added length and gc histogram code using rapheal javascript
MetagenomeSearch.js  1.1  8 years  tharriso  improved google maps functionality
MetagenomeSelect.css  1.7  8 years  paczian  project in left box, only number links project links open in a new window projec...
MetagenomeSelect.js  1.29  8 years  paczian  two code adjustments for html compliance
MyAppRights.pm  11 years  paczian  MG-RAST frontend
OOD.xml  1.2  8 years  paczian  adjustments to the new JobDB version
ProjectCacheMGRAST.xml  1.1  10 years  paczian  new style
canvg.js  1.1  9 years  paczian  initial version
heatmap.js  1.6  8 years  paczian  added raw option to barcharts added group selection to pca added component selec...
jumploader_z.jar  1.1  8 years  dsouza  java applet used by upload page
metagenomics.cgi  1.7  8 years  paczian  added favicon support
mgrast.css  1.7  8 years  jared  update style
mgrast_jobcache.xml  1.2  8 years  paczian  added type to project
mgrast_sync.pl  1.2  11 years  jared  minor modifications
pca.js  1.11  8 years  paczian  added group compare upgraded pca to 6 components upgraded pca to 10 groups added...
qiime.cgi  1.2  8 years  wilke  *** empty log message ***
raphael-min.js  1.1  9 years  paczian  initial version
rgbcolor.js  1.1  9 years  paczian  initial version
services.cgi  1.15  8 years  wilke  added file check , no job will be created if checksum and owner already exists
signed_jumploader_z_2.19.0.jar  1.1  8 years  dsouza  signed with verisign certificate
zoom.js  1.1  9 years  tharriso  javascript to create a zoom-in window over image, can increase / decrease magnif...

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