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Tue Oct 23 18:58:31 2007 UTC (12 years, 7 months ago) by olson
Branch: MAIN
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Add reset_stage.

# Reset the given stage of the job, and set the job to active
# (remove ERROR, touch ACTIVE).

use strict;
use Job48;

my $usage = "reset_stage jobdir stage";

@ARGV == 2 or die $usage;

my $jobdir = shift;
my $stage = shift;

my $job = new Job48($jobdir);

if ($job->active())
    print "Job is still active, not changing\n";

my $meta = $job->meta;

my $st = $meta->get_metadata("status.$stage");
if ($st ne 'error')
    print "Job stage $stage is not in error, not changing\n";

$meta->set_metadata("status.$stage", "not_started");
$meta->set_metadata("$stage.running", "no");

my $jd = $job->dir;
open(T, ">$jd/ACTIVE") or die "cannot touch $jd/ACTIVE: $!";

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