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Tue May 4 16:29:13 2004 UTC (15 years, 9 months ago) by olson
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: merge-trunktag-bobdev_news-2, Root-bobdev_news, merge-bobdev_news-1, merge-trunktag-bobdev_news-1, caBIG-05Apr06-00, merge-bodev_news-3, caBIG-00-00-00, merge-bobdev_news-2, caBIG-13Feb06-00, merge-trunktag-bodev_news-3
Branch point for: Branch-bobdev_news
Fragment of perl code to be inserted between tool_hdr and
actual script of CGI; checks to see if SEED running before allowing CGI script
to go.

use CGI;

if (-f "$FIG_Config::data/Global/why_down")
    local $/;
    open my $fh, "<$FIG_Config::data/Global/why_down";
    my $down_msg = <$fh>;
    print CGI::header();
    print CGI::head(CGI::title("SEED Server down"));
    print CGI::start_body();
    print CGI::h1("SEED Server down");
    print CGI::p("The seed server is not currently running:");
    print CGI::pre($down_msg);
    print CGI::end_body();

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