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revision 1.8, Sun Jul 10 01:27:19 2005 UTC revision 1.9, Wed Jul 20 04:08:43 2005 UTC
# Line 222  Line 222 
223      push(@html, &HTML::make_table(["Job ID", "Job status", "Delete Job"], \@t));      push(@html, &HTML::make_table(["Job ID", "Job status", "Delete Job"], \@t));
224      push(@html, $cgi->br, &HTML::java_buttons("seed_ctl", "deletejob"), $cgi->br, "\n");      push(@html, $cgi->br, &HTML::java_buttons("seed_ctl", "deletejob"), $cgi->br, "\n");
225      push(@html, "\n", $cgi->p,$cgi->submit("Delete Job(s)"), $cgi->reset, $cgi->p, $cgi->end_form, "\n");      push(@html, "\n", $cgi->p,$cgi->submit("Delete Job(s)"), $cgi->reset, $cgi->p, "\n");
226            # GJO: I used to have an end form right here but I think it disables the buttons below. This is probably causing you all kinds of pain.
227  }  }

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