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revision 1.15, Sat Feb 12 02:37:15 2005 UTC revision 1.16, Sat Feb 12 02:44:34 2005 UTC
# Line 144  Line 144 
144    $cgi->checkbox(-name=>"preliminary", -label=>"Show only preliminary PIR superfamilies"), $cgi->p,    $cgi->checkbox(-name=>"preliminary", -label=>"Show only preliminary PIR superfamilies"), $cgi->p,
145    $cgi->submit('submit', 'Update view'),    $cgi->submit('submit', 'Update view'),
146    $cgi->submit('submit', 'Show Correspondance'),    $cgi->submit('submit', 'Show Correspondance'),
147      $cgi->p, $cgi->hr, $cgi->p,
148      "To view a summary of the comparisons between PIR and SEED annotations, please check here:", $cgi->p,
149      $cgi->checkbox(-name=>"onlyss", -label=>"Show only those PEGs that are in a subsystem and a superfamily", -checked=>"on"), $cgi->p,
150      $cgi->checkbox(-name=>"totalsort", -label=>"Sort by the <em>total</em> number of different annotations"), $cgi->p,
151      $cgi->submit('tabulate', 'Tabulate the summary'),
152    $cgi->reset,    $cgi->reset,
# Line 212  Line 217 
217    my $function; my $ss; my $functionandss;    my $function; my $ss; my $functionandss;
218    foreach my $peg (@{$pegbypir->{$sf}}) {    foreach my $peg (@{$pegbypir->{$sf}}) {
219     my $fn=scalar $fig->function_of($peg);     my $fn=scalar $fig->function_of($peg);
220     foreach my $subsys ($fig->subsystems_for_peg($peg)) {$ss->{$$subsys[0]}++}     my $newss=0; # this is a boolean to see whether this peg has a subsys associated with it.
221       foreach my $subsys ($fig->subsystems_for_peg($peg)) {$ss->{$$subsys[0]}++; $newss++}
222     $function->{$fn}++;     $function->{$fn}++;
223     $functionandss->{$fn}++ if (scalar keys %$ss);     $functionandss->{$fn}++ if ($newss);
224    }    }
225    $subsystems->{$sf}=join "; ", keys %$ss;    $subsystems->{$sf}=join "; ", keys %$ss;
226    $count->{$sf}=scalar keys %$function;    $count->{$sf}=scalar keys %$function;

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