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Revision 1.2 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Apr 2 01:21:11 2009 UTC (10 years, 10 months ago) by parrello
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: mgrast_dev_08112011, rast_rel_2009_05_18, mgrast_dev_08022011, rast_rel_2014_0912, myrast_rel40, mgrast_dev_05262011, mgrast_dev_04082011, rast_rel_2010_0928, mgrast_version_3_2, mgrast_dev_12152011, mgrast_dev_06072011, rast_rel_2009_0925, rast_rel_2010_0526, rast_rel_2014_0729, mgrast_dev_02212011, rast_rel_2010_1206, mgrast_release_3_0, mgrast_dev_03252011, rast_rel_2010_0118, rast_rel_2011_0119, mgrast_release_3_0_4, mgrast_release_3_0_2, mgrast_release_3_0_3, mgrast_release_3_0_1, mgrast_dev_03312011, mgrast_release_3_1_2, mgrast_release_3_1_1, mgrast_release_3_1_0, mgrast_dev_04132011, mgrast_dev_04012011, rast_rel_2009_07_09, rast_rel_2010_0827, myrast_33, rast_rel_2011_0928, mgrast_dev_04052011, mgrast_dev_02222011, mgrast_dev_10262011, HEAD
Changes since 1.1: +7 -23 lines
Made even more random.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# Copyright (c) 2003-2006 University of Chicago and Fellowship
# for Interpretations of Genomes. All Rights Reserved.
# This file is part of the SEED Toolkit.
# The SEED Toolkit is free software. You can redistribute
# it and/or modify it under the terms of the SEED Toolkit
# Public License.
# You should have received a copy of the SEED Toolkit Public License
# along with this program; if not write to the University of Chicago
# at info@ci.uchicago.edu or the Fellowship for Interpretation of
# Genomes at veronika@thefig.info or download a copy from
# http://www.theseed.org/LICENSE.TXT.

use strict;
use Tracer qw(:DEFAULT PrintLine);
use FIG_CGI;
use FIG;
use TestUtils;
use Time::HiRes;

=head1 RandomTest Script

This is a simple script that tests something in the sprout and produces the
output as an HTML table. It's function, parameters, and purpose will change at
random intervals.

The following CGI parameters are used.

=over 4

=item genome

ID of a genome to be used in the test

=item fid

ID of a feature to be used in the test

=item ssa

ID of a subsystem to be used in the test



# Get the CGI query object and the FIG-like object.
my($fig, $cgi, $user) = FIG_CGI::init(debug_save => 0, debug_load => 0, print_params => 0);
# Start the output page.
print CGI::header();
print CGI::start_html(-title => 'Random Sprout Test',
                      -style => { src => "$FIG_Config::cgi_url/Html/css/WikiConsole.css" });
# Insure we recover from errors.
eval {
    # Start the page.
    PrintLine(CGI::h1("Random Sprout Test Results"));
    # Get the parameters.
    my $genome = $cgi->param('genome') || 360108.3;
    my $fid = $cgi->param('fid') || 'fig|360108.3.peg.1041';
    my $ssa = $cgi->param('ssa') || "Arginine_Biosynthesis";
    # Declare the result variable.
    my %ret;
    Tracer::MemTrace("Starting test.") if T(3);
    my $start = time();
    my $sprout = $fig->{sprout};
    my $fl = $sprout->Loader('Feature', {});
    $ret{loader} = $fl;
    my $duration = time() - $start;
    Tracer::MemTrace("Test completed.") if T(3);
    PrintLine(CGI::p("Execution time was $duration seconds."));
    # Display the results in matrix format.
    print TestUtils::Display(\%ret, 'Matrix');

if ($@) {
    # Here we have a fatal error. Save the message.
    my $errorText = "SCRIPT ERROR: $@";
    # Issue a feed event.
    # Output the error message.
    PrintLine CGI::pre($errorText);
# Close the page.
PrintLine CGI::end_html();


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