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Tue Jul 26 20:20:44 2005 UTC (14 years, 10 months ago) by parrello
Branch: MAIN
Added CGI script for documentation directory, replacing the old PHP page.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

    # Print the HTML header.
    print "CONTENT-TYPE: text/html\n\n";

=head1 Documentation Directory

This script generates the directory of documentation modules for FIG. The user can
click on a module name and it will automatically pop up the documentation for that


use strict;
use CGI;
use Tracer;
use PageBuilder;

my $dir = "$FIG_Config::cgi_base/Html/pod_docs";
my $links = "";
# Open the documentation directory, and build a table of contents for it.
if (-d $dir) {
    my @files = sort (Tracer::OpenDir($dir, 1));
    for my $file (@files) {
        if ($file =~ /^(.+)\.html$/) {
            my $fileName = $1;
            $links .= "<a href=\"$FIG_Config::cgi_url/Html/pod_docs/$file\" target=\"mainFrame\">$fileName</a><br>\n";
    print PageBuilder::Build("<$FIG_Config::cgi_base/Html/DirectoryTemplate.htm",
                             { index => $links });


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