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Help for new frontpage.

<title>Help on the Front Page</title>
<h1>Help on the Front Page</h1>
This front page has been designed to give you simple access to the most
commonly requested functions.  We previously used a much more complex first page that
offers access to a rich set of functions.  You can access that page by clicking
on <b>Advanced Options</b>
The three options offered by this page are as follows:
<li><b>Search</b>: here you type in a set of words and the SEED will
try to locate those genes that match the list of words (i.e., the words
can be found in the function assigned to the gene, the name of the organism containing the gene, or
in attributes assigned to the gene).

<li><b>Going to a Subsystem</b>: here you are taken to the selected subsystem.
  If your user id is that of the ownder, you can curate the subsystem; else, you are just allowed
  to browse the content.

<li><b>Going to a metabolic reconstruction</b>: here you are taken to a basic metabolic
  reconstruction for the selected genome.  These metabolic reconstructions simply amount to
  the list of subsystems that have operational variants, along with the genes that make up each variant.

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