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Explain the new colors for the function in protein similarities

<TITLE>Explanation of "Function" Colors in Similarities Table</TITLE>

<H2>Explanation of "Function" Colors in Similarities Table</H2>

The functions in the similarities table are color-coded to help find assignments
that are identical to that of the query, and also the most common alternative
<TABLE Border>
    <TR><TH>Meaning of each background color</TH></TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#FFFFFF">Same function as query</TD><TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#EECCAA">Most common other function</TD><TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#FFAAAA">Second most common other function</TD><TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#FFCC66">Third most common other function</TD><TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#FFFF00">Fourth most common other function</TD><TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#AAFFAA">Fifth most common other function</TD><TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#BBBBFF">Sixth most common other function</TD><TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#FFAAFF">Seventh most common other function</TD><TR>
    <TR><TD bgcolor="#DDDDDD">Other function</TD><TR>
When two or more functions are equally frequent, their ranking (and hence order
of colors) relative to one-another is arbitrary.

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