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Revision 1.2 - (download) (as text) (annotate)
Fri Jan 13 06:57:01 2006 UTC (14 years ago) by parrello
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: rast_rel_2014_0912, rast_rel_2008_06_18, rast_rel_2008_06_16, rast_rel_2008_07_21, rast_rel_2010_0928, rast_2008_0924, rast_rel_2008_09_30, caBIG-13Feb06-00, rast_rel_2010_0526, rast_rel_2014_0729, rast_rel_2009_05_18, caBIG-05Apr06-00, rast_rel_2009_0925, rast_rel_2010_1206, rast_rel_2010_0118, rast_rel_2009_02_05, rast_rel_2011_0119, rast_rel_2008_12_18, rast_rel_2008_10_09, rast_release_2008_09_29, rast_rel_2008_04_23, rast_rel_2008_08_07, rast_rel_2009_07_09, rast_rel_2010_0827, myrast_33, rast_rel_2011_0928, rast_rel_2008_09_29, rast_rel_2008_10_29, rast_rel_2009_03_26, rast_rel_2008_11_24, HEAD
Changes since 1.1: +2 -1 lines
Converted to a form that allows the user to request the display of a block.

    <th scope="row" align="left"><!-- V(blockName) --></th>
	<td align="right"><!-- V(start) --></td>
    <td align="right"><!-- V(end) --></td>
		<td align="center"><INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="D<!-- V(blockID) -->_<!-- V(start) -->_<!-- V(end) -->" VALUE="SHOW"></td>

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