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61          </ol>          </ol>
64    <h1>Other examples, not yet explored</h1>
66    <p>These examples are ones that are worth looking at and exploring. The comparisons were done with Family 1 NOT Family 2. The for and against are just as shown in the final tables, so you generally want a result with some "againsts" to look at. Also, the "Red" column is the number of cells that would be colored red (i.e. wrong).</p>
68    <h2>Histidine Biosynthesis compared to PIR</h2>
69    <table border=1>
70    <tr><th>peg<th>Family 1</th><th>Family 2</th><th>For</th><th>Against</th><th>Red</th></tr>
71    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1994" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1994</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000056 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000486 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 18 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
72    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|292459.1.peg.2713" target="_blank">fig|292459.1.peg.2713</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000056 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF006650 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 66 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
73    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.573" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.573</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003447 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF006650 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 10 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
74    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.574" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.574</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000991 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001549 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 19 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
75    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|243274.1.peg.1033" target="_blank">fig|243274.1.peg.1033</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000991 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF027379 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -17 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
76    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.2001" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.2001</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001505 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001258 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 108 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -147 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
77    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.2001" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.2001</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002226 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001258 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 111 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -155 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
78    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.566" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.566</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001505 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF006833 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 120 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
79    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.567" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.567</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002226 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF029243 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 112 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
80    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1999" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1999</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002424 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001484 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 35 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -5 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
81    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.2000" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.2000</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001996 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001454 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 15 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
82    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|4896.1.peg.2360" target="_blank">fig|4896.1.peg.2360</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001996 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF036936 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 122 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -344 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
83    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|4896.1.peg.2360" target="_blank">fig|4896.1.peg.2360</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002743 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF036936 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 241 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -339 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
84    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1998" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1998</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002743 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000495 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
85    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1997" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1997</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001687 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001410 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 27 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -81 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
86    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1997" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1997</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003299 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001410 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 290 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -156 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
87    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.571" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.571</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003299 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001409 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 115 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -3 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
88    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1996" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1996</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000244 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000518 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 316 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -5 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
89    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.2026" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.2026</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000244 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF006455 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 327 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -3 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
90    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272623.1.peg.1241" target="_blank">fig|272623.1.peg.1241</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000244 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF005473 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 374 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -5 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
91    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.575" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.575</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001687 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF019058 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 19 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -35 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
92    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|208964.1.peg.6" target="_blank">fig|208964.1.peg.6</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001687 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF004682 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -69 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
93    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|4896.1.peg.210" target="_blank">fig|4896.1.peg.210</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001687 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF017203 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 38 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -37 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
94    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|196164.1.peg.1995" target="_blank">fig|196164.1.peg.1995</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003597 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF004949 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
95    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|196164.1.peg.809" target="_blank">fig|196164.1.peg.809</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003597 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF500194 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 20 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
96    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1995" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1995</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002941 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000099 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
97    </table>
99    <h2>Histidine Biosynthesis compared to PFAM</h2>
101    <table border=1>
102    <tr><th>peg<th>Family 1</th><th>Family 2</th><th>For</th><th>Against</th><th>Red</th></tr>
103    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1994" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1994</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000056 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF08029.1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 17 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
104    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.573" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.573</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003447 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01634.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
105    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.574" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.574</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000991 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00587.14 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -4 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
106    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.2001" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.2001</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001505 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01502.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 93 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -106 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
107    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.2001" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.2001</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001505 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01503.7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 39 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -35 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
108    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.2001" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.2001</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002226 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01502.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 39 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -38 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
109    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.2001" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.2001</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002226 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01503.7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 96 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -117 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
110    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|5141.1.peg.8508" target="_blank">fig|5141.1.peg.8508</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001505 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00815.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 283 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -347 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
111    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|5141.1.peg.8508" target="_blank">fig|5141.1.peg.8508</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002226 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00815.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 286 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -360 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
112    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|5141.1.peg.8508" target="_blank">fig|5141.1.peg.8508</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002941 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00815.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -194 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
113    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|5141.1.peg.8508" target="_blank">fig|5141.1.peg.8508</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002941 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01502.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 122 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -578 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
114    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|5141.1.peg.8508" target="_blank">fig|5141.1.peg.8508</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002941 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01503.7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 122 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -578 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
115    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|4896.1.peg.2360" target="_blank">fig|4896.1.peg.2360</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001996 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00117.15 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 122 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -336 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
116    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|4896.1.peg.2360" target="_blank">fig|4896.1.peg.2360</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002743 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00117.15 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -78 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
117    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|4896.1.peg.2360" target="_blank">fig|4896.1.peg.2360</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002743 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00977.10 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 241 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -340 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
118    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1997" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1997</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001687 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00475.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 27 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -70 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
119    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|83333.1.peg.1997" target="_blank">fig|83333.1.peg.1997</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003299 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00475.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 27 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -59 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
120    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|103690.1.peg.384" target="_blank">fig|103690.1.peg.384</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003299 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00702.13 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -62 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
121    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|243265.1.peg.1484" target="_blank">fig|243265.1.peg.1484</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000244 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00815.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 264 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -399 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
122    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|243265.1.peg.1484" target="_blank">fig|243265.1.peg.1484</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002941 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00155.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 239 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -347 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
123    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272626.1.peg.575" target="_blank">fig|272626.1.peg.575</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001687 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02811.7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -35 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
124    </table>
126    <h2>Leucine Degradation compared to PIR</h2>
128    <table border=1>
129    <tr><th>peg<th>Family 1</th><th>Family 2</th><th>For</th><th>Against</th><th>Red</th></tr>
130    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.3860" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.3860</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002066 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF006468 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 188 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -4 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
131    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|198094.1.peg.1301" target="_blank">fig|198094.1.peg.1301</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002066 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000523 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 123 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
132    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2409" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2409</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001207 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000152 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 26 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -14 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
133    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2409" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2409</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002751 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000152 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 23 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -3 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
134    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272558.1.peg.213" target="_blank">fig|272558.1.peg.213</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001158 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000152 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 31 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -147 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 5 &nbsp; </td></tr>
135    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2408" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2408</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000067 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000155 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 37 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
136    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2408" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2408</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001487 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000155 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 41 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -29 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
137    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|258594.1.peg.2850" target="_blank">fig|258594.1.peg.2850</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000067 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF036563 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 149 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -110 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
138    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|258594.1.peg.2850" target="_blank">fig|258594.1.peg.2850</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001487 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF036563 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 195 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -236 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
139    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|258594.1.peg.2850" target="_blank">fig|258594.1.peg.2850</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002666 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF036563 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 137 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -279 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
140    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2407" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2407</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001388 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000432 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 31 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
141    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|211586.1.peg.2120" target="_blank">fig|211586.1.peg.2120</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001388 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000433 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 132 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
142    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|227882.1.peg.4367" target="_blank">fig|227882.1.peg.4367</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001864 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000432 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 197 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -176 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
143    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1463" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1463</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003391 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000210 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 164 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -10 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
144    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224914.1.peg.145" target="_blank">fig|224914.1.peg.145</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000100 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000210 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 22 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
145    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|257310.1.peg.2524" target="_blank">fig|257310.1.peg.2524</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003391 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000212 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 769 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -263 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
146    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|119219.1.peg.4104" target="_blank">fig|119219.1.peg.4104</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003391 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000350 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 840 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -288 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
147    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1830" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1830</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000094 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000182 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 518 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -427 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 5 &nbsp; </td></tr>
148    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1830" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1830</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002044 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000182 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 183 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -27 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
149    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224914.1.peg.1924" target="_blank">fig|224914.1.peg.1924</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001705 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001591 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 102 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
150    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1824" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1824</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003427 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001593 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 36 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
151    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1825" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1825</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000095 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001406 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 5 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
152    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1826" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1826</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000193 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001367 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 13 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
153    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|262316.1.peg.2310" target="_blank">fig|262316.1.peg.2310</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000193 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF015582 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -42 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
154    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1829" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1829</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000104 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001552 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 291 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -584 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
155    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1829" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1829</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001188 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001552 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 29 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -41 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
156    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272558.1.peg.1137" target="_blank">fig|272558.1.peg.1137</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001188 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF001550 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 30 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
157    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.3904" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.3904</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000160 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000859 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 15 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -13 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
158    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.3904" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.3904</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000359 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000859 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 13 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -25 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
159    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|262316.1.peg.3861" target="_blank">fig|262316.1.peg.3861</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000359 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000858 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 28 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -99 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
160    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|262316.1.peg.3861" target="_blank">fig|262316.1.peg.3861</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000530 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000858 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 57 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -74 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
161    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|262316.1.peg.3861" target="_blank">fig|262316.1.peg.3861</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003527 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF000858 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 57 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -64 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
162    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.3903" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.3903</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000530 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF012663 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 16 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -21 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
163    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.3903" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.3903</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003527 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF012663 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 13 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
164    <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1717" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1717</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001265 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pir|PIRSF500082 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 6 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
165    </table>
167    <h2>Leucine Degradation compared to PFAM</h2>
169     <table border=1>
170     <tr><th>peg<th>Family 1</th><th>Family 2</th><th>For</th><th>Against</th><th>Red</th></tr>
171     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.3860" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.3860</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002066 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01063.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
172     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2409" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2409</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001207 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00676.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 16 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
173     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2409" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2409</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002751 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00676.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 16 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -3 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
174     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|272558.1.peg.213" target="_blank">fig|272558.1.peg.213</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001158 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00676.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -122 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 5 &nbsp; </td></tr>
175     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2408" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2408</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000067 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02779.12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 17 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
176     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2408" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2408</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000067 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02780.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 17 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
177     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2408" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2408</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001487 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02779.12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 17 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -26 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
178     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.2408" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.2408</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001487 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02780.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 17 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -26 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
179     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224914.1.peg.2120" target="_blank">fig|224914.1.peg.2120</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000067 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00676.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 145 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -3 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
180     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224914.1.peg.2120" target="_blank">fig|224914.1.peg.2120</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001487 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00676.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 190 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -56 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
181     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|258594.1.peg.2850" target="_blank">fig|258594.1.peg.2850</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000067 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00364.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 149 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -106 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
182     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|258594.1.peg.2850" target="_blank">fig|258594.1.peg.2850</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001487 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00364.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 195 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -233 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
183     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|258594.1.peg.2850" target="_blank">fig|258594.1.peg.2850</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002666 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00364.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 137 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -279 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
184     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|258594.1.peg.2850" target="_blank">fig|258594.1.peg.2850</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002666 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02779.12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -67 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
185     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|258594.1.peg.2850" target="_blank">fig|258594.1.peg.2850</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002666 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02780.9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -67 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
186     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|227377.1.peg.612" target="_blank">fig|227377.1.peg.612</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001864 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00198.12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -94 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
187     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|227377.1.peg.612" target="_blank">fig|227377.1.peg.612</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001864 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00364.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -98 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
188     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|227377.1.peg.612" target="_blank">fig|227377.1.peg.612</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001864 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02817.6 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -99 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
189     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1463" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1463</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003391 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00070.16 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -3 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
190     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1463" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1463</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003391 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF07992.2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -3 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
191     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1463" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1463</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003391 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02852.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 19 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
192     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224914.1.peg.145" target="_blank">fig|224914.1.peg.145</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000100 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00070.16 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 22 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
193     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224914.1.peg.145" target="_blank">fig|224914.1.peg.145</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000100 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF07992.2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 22 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
194     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224914.1.peg.145" target="_blank">fig|224914.1.peg.145</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000100 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02852.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 22 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td></tr>
195     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|257310.1.peg.2524" target="_blank">fig|257310.1.peg.2524</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003391 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00364.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 765 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -255 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
196     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|119219.1.peg.4104" target="_blank">fig|119219.1.peg.4104</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003391 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00403.14 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 840 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -281 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
197     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1830" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1830</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000094 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00441.13 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 37 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -219 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
198     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1830" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1830</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000094 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02770.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 82 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -247 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
199     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1830" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1830</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000094 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02771.6 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 104 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -250 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
200     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1830" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1830</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002044 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00441.13 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 17 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
201     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1830" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1830</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002044 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02770.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 17 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
202     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1830" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1830</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF002044 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02771.6 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 19 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
203     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|227882.1.peg.5280" target="_blank">fig|227882.1.peg.5280</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003232 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02785.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -30 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
204     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|227882.1.peg.5280" target="_blank">fig|227882.1.peg.5280</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003232 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00364.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -21 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
205     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|227882.1.peg.5280" target="_blank">fig|227882.1.peg.5280</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003232 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00289.11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -30 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
206     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|227882.1.peg.5280" target="_blank">fig|227882.1.peg.5280</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003232 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF02786.6 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -30 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td></tr>
207     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1826" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1826</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000193 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00682.8 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 3 &nbsp; </td></tr>
208     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|262316.1.peg.2310" target="_blank">fig|262316.1.peg.2310</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000193 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF03328.4 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 0 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -34 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
209     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1829" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1829</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000104 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00501.15 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 4 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -280 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
210     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.1829" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.1829</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF001188 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF00501.15 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 5 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
211     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.3904" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.3904</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000160 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01144.12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -11 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
212     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|224308.1.peg.3904" target="_blank">fig|224308.1.peg.3904</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000359 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01144.12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 7 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -19 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 1 &nbsp; </td></tr>
213     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|262316.1.peg.3861" target="_blank">fig|262316.1.peg.3861</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF000530 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01144.12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -38 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
214     <tr><td> &nbsp; <a href="../protein.cgi?prot=fig|262316.1.peg.3861" target="_blank">fig|262316.1.peg.3861</a> &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; fig|PF003527 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; pfam|PF01144.12 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 9 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; -23 &nbsp; </td><td> &nbsp; 2 &nbsp; </td></tr>
215     </table>

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