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We have extended the notion of tag/value pairs beyond things associated with a peg and into the arena of anything. Any feature such as peg, prophage, rna, insertion element, and so on, can have a tag value pair associated with it. In addition, genomes have tag/value pairs associated with them. In this sense, we can annotate the organisms from which the genomes were derived and begin to ask complex questions of the type "show me all organisms that are motile but don't have any flagellar genes". We are working on this interface.


You can easily see the tag value pairs in action in the following places:

  1. The protein page. Any of the attributes shown with a URL is really a tag value pair. More complex editing of those attributes will follow.
  2. -
  3. The genome statistics page. Take a look at the updated statistics page. There is also an option to edit (and add) the attributes associated with a genome.
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  5. The spreadsheet page. You can color by PIRSF, and more will be coming, soon.
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Try the following exercises to see key/value pairs in action:

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