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revision 1.1, Fri May 21 17:53:22 2004 UTC revision 1.2, Fri May 21 18:07:06 2004 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
 use Data::Dumper;  
 use Carp;  
 # Following block is expanded by switch_to_release to add use lib directives  
 # to point at the correct locations in the release directory.  
 #BEGIN switch_to_release generated code  
 use lib '/Users/fig/FIGdisk/dist/releases/0.0.0/mac/lib';  
 use lib '/Users/fig/FIGdisk/dist/releases/0.0.0/mac/lib/FigKernelPackages';  
 #END switch_to_release generated code  
 use lib "/Users/fig/FIGdisk/config";  
 use FIG_Config;  
2  use FIG;  use FIG;
3  my $fig = new FIG;  my $fig = new FIG;

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