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Thu Jun 10 14:51:56 2004 UTC (15 years, 8 months ago) by disz
Branch: MAIN
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Branch point for: Branch-bobdev_news
Python version of tutorial code

from FigKernelPackages import FIG
import sys
import string

fig = FIG.FIG()

def die(msg):
	print msg

if len(sys.argv) != 2:
	die("usage: features_around ID")

id = sys.argv[1]

peg = fig.by_alias(id)
if peg:
    loc = fig.feature_location(peg)
    if loc:
	    (contig,beg,end) = fig.boundaries_of(loc)
            start_reg = int(fig.min(beg,end)) - 5000
            end_reg   = int(fig.max(beg,end)) + 5000
            genome = fig.genome_of(peg)
            (features_in_region,start_of_leftmost_feature,end_of_rightmost_feature) = fig.genes_in_region(genome,contig,start_reg,end_reg);
            for fid in features_in_region:
                loc1     = fig.feature_location(fid)
                aliases1 = fig.feature_aliases(fid)
                trunc    = fig.possibly_truncated(fid)

                pseq = func = prot_ln = ""

                if fig.ftype(fid) == "peg":
                    prot_ln = fig.translation_length(fid)
                    if prot_ln:
                        pseq = fig.get_translation(fid)
                        func = fig.function_of(fid)
		print string.join([fid, loc1, str(aliases1), str(trunc), str(func), str(prot_ln), pseq], "\t")
                #print join("\t",($fid,$loc1,$aliases1,$trunc,$func,$prot_ln,$pseq)),"\n";
	sys.stderr.write("Sorry, could not get the location of %s\n" % fid)
        #print STDERR "Sorry, could not get the location of $fid\n";
    sys.stderr.write("Sorry, could not figure out which PEG you meant by %s\n" % id)
    #print STDERR "Sorry, could not figure out which PEG you meant by $id\n";

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