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how to compare regions

<h1>How to Create a Comparison of Chromosomal Regions for a Set of PEGs</h1>
There are points where you might wish to get code to display regions surrounding a set of PEGs.  If you 
find yourself in that position try the following:

# @pegs should contain the list of PEGs.

$parms = 'sim_cutoff=1.0e-5&pinned_to=' . join('&pinned_to=',@pegs);
$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'} = $parms;
@out = `./chromosomal_clusters.cgi 2> /dev/null`;
for ($i=$#out; ($i >= 0) && ($out[$i] !~ /^Content-Type/); $i--) {}
At this point <b>@out</b> should contain the HTML required to show the regions.

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