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Revision 1.1 - (download) (as text) (annotate)
Mon May 3 17:04:11 2004 UTC (16 years ago) by overbeek
Branch: MAIN
fixes to links in HTML.pm, code to sync systems after an update, and fixes to index.cgi and protein.cgi

use P2Pupdate;

use FIG;
my $fig = new FIG;

$usage = "usage: sync_new_system AssignmentsPackage AnnotationsPackage TranslationRulesPackage SubsystemsPackage";

 ($assignments_package = shift @ARGV) &&
 ($annotations_package = shift @ARGV) &&
 ($trans_rules_package = shift @ARGV) &&
 ($subsys_package      = shift @ARGV)
    || die $usage;

&FIG::run("$FIG_Config::bin/install_assignments $assignments_package");
&FIG::run("$FIG_Config::bin/install_annotations $annotations_package");
&FIG::run("$FIG_Config::bin/install_translation_rules $trans_rules_package");
&FIG::run("$FIG_Config::bin/install_subsystems $subsys_package");

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