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Fri Sep 17 22:01:16 2010 UTC (9 years, 5 months ago) by overbeek
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compute oligo similarities

use Getopt::Long;
use strict;
use Data::Dumper;
use Carp;

# This is a SAS Component

=head1 svr_oligomer_similarity [-min=] [-max=] < ali.fasta > count-matricies

This command goes through an alignment and computes the pairwise fractions
of n-character identities, producing a matrix of values for each string length
specified in the -min to -max parameters.

This tool is used to produce estimates of similarity based on the fraction of
positions in which n-character perfect matches occur between each pair of 

The output is a set of matricies written to STDOUT.  The format of each matrix is

Id1 Frac1-1 Frac1-2 Frac1-3...
Id2 Frac2-1 Frac2-2 Frac2-3...

Example: svr_oligomer_similarity -min=2 -max=4 < seqs.fasta > matricies

would produce a set of matricies summarizing the matches of different matricies

=head2 Command-Line Options

=over 4

=item -min=M

minimum size of character-strings that match (defaults to 2)

=item -max=N

maximum size of character-strings that match (defaults to 2)


=head2 Output Format

The standard output is a file of matricies.  Each matrix is composed of
a line with the size-of-matches, a set of lines (one line per input sequence)
that give fractions of positions that have identical matches, and a terminating '//'.


use SeedEnv;
use gjoseqlib;

my $min = 2;
my $max = 2;
my $rc = GetOptions("min=i" => \$min,
                    "max=i" => \$max);

my @ali = &gjoseqlib::read_fasta;
my $valsH;
for ($i=0; ($i < $#ali); $i++)
    for ($j=$i+1; ($j < @ali); $j++)
	my $options = { min => $min, max => $max };
	my @matches = &gjoseqlib::oligomer_similarity($ali[$i],$ali[$j],$options);
	$valsH->{"$i,$j"} = \@matches;

my $N;
for ($N=$min; ($N <= $max); $N++)
    print "$N\n";
    for ($i=0; ($i < @ali); $i++)
	print "$ali[$i]->[0]";
	for ($j=0; ($j < @ali); $j++)
	    if ($i == $j)
		print "\t1";
	    elsif ($i < $j)
		print "\t",sprintf("%.4f",$valsH->{"$i,$j"}->[$N-$min]);
		print "\t",sprintf("%.4f",$valsH->{"$j,$i"}->[$N-$min]);
	print "\n";
    print "//\n";


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