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Tue Nov 25 06:00:27 2008 UTC (11 years, 3 months ago) by redwards
Branch: MAIN
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adding ss classification methods

# _perl_

=pod load_ss_classification.pl

Load the subsystem classifications from a text file. Take the excel file from Sveta, convert it to text, and use this to set the data structures. Note that this will completely overwrite whatever was there before.

There are two versions, just make sure your columns are in the appropriate order for the version that you are using.


Rob Edwards, various versions 2004-2008


use strict;
use FIG;
my $fig=new FIG;

my $f = shift || die "File of new heirarchy?";
open(IN, $f) || die "Can't open $f";
while (<IN>)
	# change the next line depending on your order.
	my ($ss, $class1, $class2)=split /\t/;
	#my ($class1, $class2, $ss)=split /\t/;
	my $sub=$fig->get_subsystem($ss);
	#print STDERR "Adding $class1 :: $class2 :: $ss\n";
	$sub->set_classification([$class1, $class2]);
close IN;

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