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Tue Mar 20 19:15:24 2007 UTC (13 years, 2 months ago) by hwang
Branch: MAIN
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get journals from PMC using taxide

use strict;
use FIG;

#Specify call_pmc.pl file_path
#Will output to the command line 
#So do call_pmc.pl file_path > fileout.txt
my $file = $ARGV[0];
open(ORG, $file) || die "can't find file\n";
my @org = <ORG>;

foreach (@org) {

    #File should be a tab deliminated format. Taxid<tab>Name
    my ($taxid, $orgname) = split(/\t/,$_);
    $orgname =~ s/\n//; 
    if ($taxid !~ m/NO TAXID/) { 
	my $output = &FIG::run_gathering_output("$FIG_Config::bin/get_journals_for_org", "txid$taxid");
	my @array = split(/\s/,$output);
	my $num_elements = @array;
	print ">TAXID:$taxid $num_elements publication[s]\n";
	my $out = &get_author_date_title(\@array);
	print $out;

    if ($orgname) {
	my $output = &FIG::run_gathering_output("$FIG_Config::bin/get_journals_for_org", "$orgname");
	my @array = split(/\s/,$output);
	my $num_elements = @array;
	print ">Org:$orgname $num_elements publication[s]\n";
	my $out = &get_author_date_title(\@array);
	print $out;
    #Keeping with eutils etiquette. Jobs have a sleep of 3 
    sleep 3;

#The following routines are similar to the other journals scripts, but this evoke the 
#PMC database. this is quick and easy, and may fix when there's time.

sub test_url_results {

    my $url = $_[0];
    # Searches Pubmed and Returns the number of results
    my $request=LWP::UserAgent->new();
    my $response=$request->get($url);
    my $results= $response->content;
    if ($results ne "") {
	return $results;	
    else {

sub get_author_date_title {
    #This subroutine gets the author, date, title for a list of pubmed identifiers.  
    #May take in one or an array

    my $journal_in = $_[0]; 
    my $publication_list;
    my $out_info;
    if (ref $journal_in eq 'ARRAY') {
	my @journals = @{$journal_in};
	foreach (@journals) {
	    $publication_list .= "$_,";   
    else {
	$publication_list = $journal_in;
    my $journal_url = "http://eutils.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/eutils/esummary.fcgi?db=pmc&id=";
    my $url = "$journal_url"."$publication_list"."&retmod=xml";

    if (my $esearch_results = &test_url_results($url)) {        
	my @tmp = split(/<DocSum>/, $esearch_results);
	foreach(@tmp) { 
	    next if ($_ !~ m/<Id>/);

	    $_ =~ m/<Id>(.*)<\/Id>/;
	    $out_info .= "$1\t";
	    $_ =~ m/<*Author.*>(.*)<\/Item>/;
	    $out_info .= "$1\t";
	    $_ =~ m/<*PubDate.*>(.*)<\/Item>/;
	    $out_info .= "$1\t";
	    $_ =~ m/<*Title.*>(.*)<\/Item>/;
	    $out_info .= "$1\n";
    return $out_info;

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