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Fri Oct 29 17:10:34 2010 UTC (9 years, 5 months ago) by olson
Branch: MAIN
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Update to FF processing

use strict;

=head1 NAME

FFB2_validate_families - make sure families files are ok


  FFB2_validate_families FFdir new-families.2c new-family.functions


Read the family files from the given directory, and do some basic verification:

=over 4

=item * Make sure that each family represented in the families.2c file
has an associated function  in the family.functions file.

=item * Remove any entries in the family.functions file for families
that no longer exist in families.2c.



@ARGV == 3 or die "Usage: FFB2_validate_families ffdir new-families.2c new-family.functions\n";

my $ffdir = shift;
my $new_fam2c = shift;
my $new_func = shift;

open(FUNCS, "<", "$ffdir/family.functions") or die "Cannot open $ffdir/family.functions: $!";
open(F2C, "<", "$ffdir/families.2c") or die "Cannot open $ffdir/families.2c: $!";
open(NFUNCS, ">", $new_func) or die "Cannot open $new_func for writing: $!";
open(NF2C, ">", $new_fam2c) or die "Cannot open $new_fam2c for writing: $!";

my %fams;

while (<F2C>)
    if (/^(FIG\S+)/)
    print NF2C $_;

while (<FUNCS>)
    if (/^(FIG\S+)/)
	my $fam = $1;
	if (exists $fams{$fam})
	    print NFUNCS $_;
	    delete $fams{$fam};
	    print STDERR "No family found for $fam\n";

if (%fams)
    print STDERR "family.functions entries missing for the following families:\n";
    print STDERR "$_\n" for sort { $a cmp $b } keys %fams;
    exit 1;

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