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Assignments.pm  1.1  15 years  overbeek  clean up of auto assignments routines
Blast.pm  1.2  15 years  olson  Force blastall and formatdb to be run using a full path to $FIG_Config::ext_bin....
Clearinghouse.pm  1.2  16 years  olson  Add capability for :scalar :list :remote annotations to FIG interface. This work...
Clearinghouse.py  1.9  15 years  olson  Feh. host specifier for DBI is different in mysql and postgres.
Cluster.pm  1.10  15 years  olson  More cluster fixes.
ClusterWorker.pm  1.1  15 years  olson  Split the Cluster::Worker package out to its own file so it can be used on hosts...
Construct.pm  1.1  15 years  olson  add higher-level construct support
DBKernel.pm  15 years  olson  Merged from trunk.
DBrtns.pm  15 years  olson  Merged from trunk.
DocUtils.pm  1.2  15 years  parrello  *** empty log message ***
FIG.pm  15 years  olson  Merged changes from trunk.
FIG.py  15 years  olson  Committing brucella news mods to the news-dev branch.
FIG2.py  1.1  16 years  olson  First cut at python FIG module that uses the CallPerl direct call interface.
FIGAttributes.pm  1.1  16 years  olson  Code to support annotation of FIG API.
FIGGenDB.pm  1.4  15 years  olson  GenDB changes.
FIGRules.pm  1.1  15 years  olson  Move this here from Sprout.
FIGjs.pm  15 years  olson  Merge from trunk.
FIGnet.pm  16 years  efrank   import
FIGrpc.pm  1.2  16 years  olson  Don't need to create a new fig at the toplevel; it was breaking import
FIGtree.pm  1.1  15 years  golsen   G Rendon
FigGFF.pm  1.12  15 years  olson  Fix up format stuff.
GenoGraphics.pm  1.12  15 years  golsen  Heavy workover of generate_html to support: Pop-up tool tips when there is n...
GenomeIDMap.pm  15 years  olson  Merged from trunk.
HTML.pm  15 years  olson  Merge from trunk.
HTML.py  1.5  15 years  olson  anther dumb typo
InterfaceRoutines.pm  15 years  olson  Merged changes from trunk.
JobScheduler.pm  15 years  olson  Merged changes from trunk.
Makefile  1.7  15 years  olson  Fix makefiles for change in releasetools.
P2P.pm  1.30  15 years  olson  Move P2PQueue and JobQueue out of FIG/Data into FIG/var.
P2Pupdate.pm  15 years  olson  Merged from trunk.
PageBuilder.pm  15 years  olson  Merged from trunk.
RC.pm  16 years  efrank   import
README  16 years  efrank   import
SFXlate.pm  15 years  olson  Merge from trunk.
SameFunc.pm  1.6  15 years  overbeek  add assign_to_close_strains
SeedDas.pm  1.16  15 years  redwards  changed tag/value pairs completely. Ooops!
Sim.pm  1.4  15 years  parrello  *** empty log message ***
SproutFIG.pm  1.8  15 years  olson  sprout debugging
SproutSearch.pm  15 years  olson  Merged changes from trunk.
Subsystem.pm  1.54  15 years  overbeek  major change to BBHs (use precomputed)
Tracer.pm  15 years  olson  Merge from trunk.
UserDB.pm  1.1  15 years  olson  Simple user database. Initializes state from assignments and annotations existin...
__init__.py  1.1  16 years  olson  New file needed to make this a python module.
fastDNAml.pm  1.1  15 years  overbeek  add tree manipulation utilities
gjoalignment.pm  1.1  15 years  golsen  Add a module with some routines for adding sequences to alignments.
gjolib.pm  16 years  efrank   import
gjoseqlib.pm  16 years  efrank   import
raedraw.pm  15 years  olson  Merged changes from trunk.
raelib.pm  15 years  olson  Merged changes from trunk.
set_utilities.pm  16 years  efrank   import
tree_utilities.pm  1.4  15 years  overbeek  minor fixes to subsys.cgi and tree_utilities.pm

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