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Fri Dec 19 22:57:48 2003 UTC (16 years, 6 months ago) by olson
Branch: MAIN
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new stuff, so it doesn't get lost.

SEED Instance Registry
Robert Olson <olson@mcs.anl.gov>
Dec 2003

The SEED instance registry is a network facility that allows users of
SEED instances to register these instances and  to look up the list of
registered instances for the purpose of performing peer-to-peer

The Registration Process

The following information is maintained for each registered seed:

*Instance ID*. A unique identifier for the SEED instance.

*Name*. A human-readable name for the SEED instance, provided by the
SEED user registering the instance.

*URL*. The URL to the SEED instance.

*Comment*. A free-text comment about the seed instance.

Registration API

We define a simple HTTP GET/POST API for manipulating the registry.

The high-level functions provided are as follows.

- Register. Register a new SEED instance. This registration returns a
  cookie that can be used to later change or delete the registration.

- Unregister. Remove a SEED registration.

- Retrieve. Return a list of SEED instances (in machine-parsable format).

- View. Return a human-readable HTML form of the list of SEED


This is an HTTP POST with the arguments encoded in standard
application/x-www-form-urlencoded format. The following values are
expected to be passed:

*id*. SEED instance identifier.
*name*. SEED instance name.
*url*. SEED instance URL.
*comment*. Comment.

The return is also in application/x-www-form-urlencoded format, with
the following values:

*status*. Status code.
*token*. A unique token used to change the registration entry in the

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