The Big Title

The Normal Title

Standard paragraph with bold, italic, and code text.

Blockquotes are important for calling attention to text.
Column 1Column 2Column 3
Date1Module1This is message 1 from module 1
Date2Module1This is message 2 from module 1. It has more text in it, because we're hoping to be able to text multiple lines in a table cell.
Date3Module1Complex trace message:
        text line 1
        text line 2

Final paragraph just for appearance's sake.

  1. Numbered list.
  2. Second item.
  3. Sub list.
    1. Level 2
    2. Level 2, number 2
  4. Sub hash.
    superior life form known for its beauty and intelligence
    the preferred servant of a cat
    1. Type 1: child
    2. Type 2: adult
    The Girl
    The acknowledged leader of the cats, The Girl is a human with the intelligence and cunning of a cat, and the forceful personality of a tropical storm.

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Famous markers are special.