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Wed Oct 26 18:48:35 2005 UTC (14 years, 3 months ago) by dejongh
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Import of scripts to parse and load Palsson models into the SEED.  Also 
including models for Staph Aureus and E. Coli (minus gene-reaction associatons).

These perl scripts parse the Palsson-style models in the Models
directory, and create table files that can be loaded into the
database.  See script headers for more details.


1) Copy the Models directory and subdirectories to FIG/Data/Global.
2) Run parse_model for each model in the Models subdirectory.
3) Run load_models to collate the parsed data from each model and
create the table files.  This script can be modified to load the
database also.

Questions?  Contact Matt DeJongh at Hope College:  dejongh@hope.edu

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