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Fri Sep 10 13:27:10 2004 UTC (15 years, 8 months ago) by efrank
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#!/usr/bin/env python

from CatalogServices.Catalog import Catalog
from CatalogServices.CatalogEntry import CatalogEntry
from FaST.BssFactory import  BssFactory
from FaST.SeedDataFactory import SeedDataFactory

# Test base class, CatalogEntry

ce0 = CatalogEntry( "/", "ce0", isTerminal=0)
ce1 = CatalogEntry( "/", "ce1", isTerminal=1)

if (ce0.name() != "ce0"):
    print "FAIL: CatalogEntry.name()"

if (ce0.isTerminal()):
    print "FAIL: CatalogEntry.isTerminal()"

if (not ce1.isTerminal()):
    print "FAIL: CatalogEntry.isTerminal()"

# addDataFactory

catalog = Catalog.instance()

catalog.addDataFactory( b)
print "added a BssFactory"

catalog.addDataFactory( s)
print "added a SeedFactory"

# Test Catalog

print "Registered factories:"
df      = catalog.getFactories()
print df, "add printout of factoryId/name"

print "cattop name", catTop.name()
print catTop.entries()

def f(x): print x.path()
catalog.apply( f )

# Test open()

fik1 = catalog.open("/Bss/KEGG Buchnera")
print fik1

fik2 = catalog.open("http://theSeed.uchicago.edu/FIG/Organisms/Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 [1148.1]")
print fik2

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