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Fri Apr 9 14:48:10 2004 UTC (15 years, 7 months ago) by efrank
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: post-st-migration2, mass-spec-01, sc2004-3, mass-spec-02, post-st-migration, forRick-14Jul04-1, forRick-14Jul04-0, sc2004-4, sc04-finalDay, sc2004-2, sc2004-1, sc2004-0, HEAD
Modified files:
	adjustments in data sizes and little details
	destroyBss can probably be simplified.

Added files:
	ReloadBssData loads data into an empty database.  It calls
	the other guys to do the work:  Aiba*, glyc*, loadbuchnera*, testCas*

	buildNewBssCatalog.py:  copies data from old style catalog to new.

1. destroyBss                   deletes EVERYTHING
2. sqlplus
        @Rebuild                rebuilds schema.  reloads some reactions etc.
3. ReloadBssData                puts some data back in...OLD style catalog
4. buildNewBssCatalog.py        copies data from old style catalog to new.

python testCase.py
python glycDegWithEnzymes.py
python loadBuchnera.py
python Aiba-Matsuoka-CitricAcid4.py

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